switching to pods

Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 12 15:31:10 PST 2009

that should give you the whole overview. 
1. remove 6 beers from the refrigerator, space them evenly on the work bench 
2. remove clamps on the boots and carbs. note the difference. save them near the beer.
    That way you'll find them later
3. Drink half a beer. remove seat, disconnect fuel lines
4. seat removed, lift and weight how must gas you have. Inspect the stupid diverter valve.
    Decide how you are going to plug this useless thing. 
5. Drink the other half of the beer. Drain fuel from bowls into the beer bottle and stuff a rag in it
    Consider what a mess the country is in and turn up the radio. 
6. locate and remove fuel line from the carbs. Clean up the mess.
7. Remove tank before you drink any more beer, they cost alot so be phucking careful.
8. locate the throttle cables and disconnect them mark if need to. note the push-pull operation.
    vacuum lines pop off, one went to the dumb valve thingy and will be plugged with a golf tee
9. Drink another beer while admiring the design work Kawasaki has done and what you would do different.
    Also consider why the red GPz is so much faster that the back one and how to best express that
    everytime yo write the forum. Facts is facts.
10. Wiggle the carbs up, down and back, forth like like a mistress in heat.exit to the left, it's more politically correct.
      Dave Daniels removes his carbs to the right because he can and it's America! 

11. Down another beer. consider if the 6 beers will be enough for tonight. if not, send child or spouse to get more.
12. place the carbs behind the beers on the work bench for safety. 
13. Consider a potty break because the air box will fight you all the way, you will find the mounting bolts. Remove them
     wonder what the hell the air silencer box is for. Relize it is comin out too, one way or another.
14. check temperature of the remaining beers, if they are warming up, drink them. throw away the emptys
    recycling is to save the planet. Whats the point, we are almost done with it any how. let the starbucks crowd do that.
15. Now you have a big whole in the side of your GPz where the carbs use to be and you are half drunk.
If you are still sexual relations with your spouse now might be a good time to suggest spousal rights and save the jetting for tomorrow. The bottle filled with gas is for your neighbor that has a Harley that wakes you up all the time when he rides
by with some new skank on the back. his time will come. 

From: vince stone <realmortician at gmail.com>
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Thanks Jerry,
I don't have a manual with the bike.  Do you have a breakdown on the process for removing the stock airbox?  I have done it on a 79 kz 650 and they look very similar to each other.  The kz was a royal pain so I can only assume the gypsy will be rougher.  This won't happen until next fall at the earliest but any help would be cool.  I rejetted the kz as well so I know what to do once the carbs are surrounded by empty beer cans. :)


On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 8:35 AM, Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at yahoo.com> wrote:

Yes, in order to get to the jets, I would recommend removing the set.

Note: The Jet kits come with new Diaphragm springs. don't use them.
They are too weak and the slides will flutter.

Also, if and when you do this job. Make some noise on the list. At least
3 or 4 guys on here [probably more] have done this modification. They will
help you walk through the procedure.

The biggest feature to spending a good $200 for this mod is the access-ability
to the carbs down the road. If you have ever fought with the air box boots, you'll
know exactly what I'm talking about.

From: vince stone <realmortician at gmail.com>
To: Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at yahoo.com>
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2009 11:12:57 AM
Subject: Re: switching to pods

Do you have to remove the carbs to re-jet?

On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Jerry Clair <darkclarity2k at yahoo.com> wrote:

You have to re-jet too...figure 100$ for a stage 3

From: Bill Magitz <corbie at verizonmail.com>
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Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 1:32:35 PM
Subject: switching to pods

330298769031  ebay item #

is switching from the boots/air box just a matter of removing them and placing these type of filters onto the carbs or is there more to it ? thanks  of course getting the right size too

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