No bikin' in Cobden Ontario today

Simon White swhite at
Sun Jan 18 19:53:50 PST 2009

Summer it certainly is - top today 35°C (~95°F).  I'm in Melbourne, which is in the south-east of the mainland.  An average day in July (our coldest month) ranges from 6°C overnight to 13°C in the city, but some suburbs will get down to -2° or so a few times over winter, and it's not uncommon to have a maximum of 8° or so.

Not cold compared with some places, but cold enough :).


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> Oh yeah, it's summer down under right now isn't it? So, how cold does it get 
> down there in your winter?
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> Sounds like good weather to be inside.  It's a mild 23°C here today, but
> earlier this week it was 37° & 41° - really unpleasant when I was
> commuting on the bike.  Meant to be 35° next week again, and I can't say
> I'm looking forward to it.
> This summer's been mostly cool, at least, but it's still not raining.
> It's now the 6th year (I think) we've been drought declared and on water
> restrictions.  You kind of get used to it after a while, but every now and 
> then
> I remember things like the grass being green in parks, and wonder if it will
> ever return.  One of the most memorable things on my trip through Europe last
> year was green grass (particularly in Holland), and functioning fountains
> (everywhere).  I've lots of photos just of green fields :).
> Still, mild weather and no rain means I can get out on the bike more, at least
> in theory...
> Simon
> '95 GPz1100 - It's big, it's blue, it's quick.
> Melbourne, Australia

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