Sunday ride

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Mon Jan 19 08:14:26 PST 2009

Wow, 62 degrees here in Denver on Sunday, you can't pass 
that up.  I got the old Geeper out of the back of the 
garage after moving my roommates KTM525, his snow blower, 
air compressor, bicycle, etc... and took the cover off.  
She still looks good after all these years and all the 
miles.  I still like the red color and the lines.  

Checked the tire air pressure and found them each about 5 
lbs under inflated so I hooked up the compressor and got 
them up to the proper pressure.  The chain was cleaned and 
oiled before I parked it so that is okay.  I unhooked the 
battery tender and tucked the leads under the seat and got 
her ready to fire.  Put the petcock on prime and watched a 
small trickle of gas go through the filter which to me 
means no petcock failure and no hydro lock ether.

I engaged the choke and hit the starter button and was 
greeted with it turning over easily and 4 or 5 seconds of 
near idle before it quit.  I did this about 3 times before 
it caught for good and settled into a healthy rumble, all 
cylinders firing nicely.  Awesome, the Stabil seems to work 
on this crappy gas they sell nowadays.

Put on my jacket and liner, my helmet and gloves while it 
warmed up and rolled it out into the sunshine.  Ahh... this 
feels like spring!  I climbed on board, gave the clutch a 
couple of pulls, dropped it into gear and gently rode my 
old friend out into the street.  5 minutes later I'm 
rolling down E-470 at 100+ with a sh*t eating grin on my 
face.  I can imagine myself back in the Canadian Rockies 
last August, rolling down the scenic highways.

Alas, all good things come to an end and an hour later I'm 
back at my roommates house sliding her back into the corner 
until next time.  Sleep well my friend, summer will be here 
soon and we'll be riding together in Durango and maybe back 
in Canada this summer.  You've earned the rest.

Charles S.

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