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Dave Daniels dwaynedaniels at
Mon Jan 19 16:14:38 PST 2009

Ya might get lucky Pete. I didn't prep mine last year and it was fine in the spring. I prepped it this time though. No sense pushing my luck.

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Date: Monday, January 19, 2009, 5:44 PM

Why don't you just rub salt into the wound ...ya bastid..
This is the longest spell I've had without riding in 10 years..
It's definitely gonna need a carb rebuild in the spring as I never bother 
prepping it for winter..

Pete S

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> Wow, 62 degrees here in Denver on Sunday, you can't pass
> that up.  I got the old Geeper out of the back of the
> garage after moving my roommates KTM525, his snow blower,
> air compressor, bicycle, etc... and took the cover off.
> She still looks good after all these years and all the
> miles.  I still like the red color and the lines.

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