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That's not good.  I shared a room with him in Hot Spring Arkansas.  My 
family was worried about me spending 3 nights in AR with a guy named Earle 
from NC.

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> Some of you (Mason, Art, Dave, etc..) might remember Earle
> Whitmore, who was a list member several years ago.  Earle
> was at the first Durango rally and at the Arkansas rally.
> Earle retired a few years ago and is having a ball as a
> certified track instructor and spends his days doing
> nothing but track days.  Earle is one of the fastest riders
> I've had the priveledge to ride with.
> Anyway, I found out last night that Earle has been
> diagnosed with throat cancer.  Please keep Earle in your
> thoughts and prayers and lets hope for a full recovery.
> Charles S.
> Durango 2009 coming
> soon.

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