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Hello Guys,

I also happen to have ridden with Earle some years back, and can also attest to his love for motorcycling and his skills.? I too have had my bout with cancer very recently, so I want ALL of you to pay attention and get annual check ups that are really comprehensive.

Let's hope that Earle is as fortunate as myself, and that he also has caught it early enough to make the huge difference in outcomes.

Hope to see as many of this group as possible in June Durango Rally.


Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA??

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Some of you (Mason, Art, Dave, etc..) might remember Earle 
Whitmore, who was a list member several years ago.  Earle 
was at the first Durango rally and at the Arkansas rally.

Earle retired a few years ago and is having a ball as a 
certified track instructor and spends his days doing 
nothing but track days.  Earle is one of the fastest riders 
I've had the priveledge to ride with.

Anyway, I found out last night that Earle has been 
diagnosed with throat cancer.  Please keep Earle in your 
thoughts and prayers and lets hope for a full recovery.

Charles S.
Durango 2009 coming

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