trailer question

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That's a hefty premium for the Grabber.  When the Maverick replaced the 
Falcon, Maverick base models went for something like $1960???

Paul in Ohio
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> Isn't that just a fancified Maverick?
> Ah yes the poor man's Mustang--the Maverick Grabber with a 302 CID V8 and 
> less than mediocre brakes- for $2650.00 in 1972 you had some go (in a 
> straight line) but not much whoa.
> The only way to get more death for your dollar was a 340 Plymouth Duster 
> for $2700.00 add another $150.00 for an AM radio and positraction.  Posi 
> was $50.00, the radio was $100.00.  It had skinny 14" tires you could 
> light up in every gear.  Right out of the box it was a bugger to go.
> Jim
>> Any get rid of the "Stang"? Ain't no way he's doin' that.

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