Service Manual on Ebay

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No I'm retired and can't afford premium beer.  It's hitting the McClay's 
after putting in about 500 2.5" deck screws before the rain started and then 
removing a bathroom basin and replacing it with a new one yesterday.  One 
does a lot of swearing when replumbing.
My old knees are shot   from crawling around on the new deck and my right 
thumb is as well hanging on to a 3/8" drill and driving over 2000 screws of 
2.5" and 3.5" in the past 4 days.  I will give that 35 year old B&D drill 
credit for still running.  It was starting to smell pretty bad and I damned 
near needed oven mitts to hang onto it at the end.  The logos on the side 
slid off when the glue melted.    I finished off the deck floor with 400 
screws this morning.  I've still got another 350 screws for the railing and 
a new set of steps.
If I'd been using nails and a hammer I'd have tennis elbow by now.
Maybe I'll go to Kenny's and get another box of McClays.


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> Been hitting the Molson at breakfast again Jim?  LOL!
> Charles S.
>>Sorry about the mix up the manual is for Kawasakis.  Too
>>early in the morning for me to be sending emails.
>> Jim

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