Whats its worth

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Thu Jul 9 12:22:38 PDT 2009

sounds a lot like mine - 96, 46k miles, BRAND NEW tires (2 of them!)... stock everything.  had it sold at 2500, without the new tires, but discovered the brakes were shot - so being a KALIFORNIA guy and paranoid of lawyer happy nut jobs, decided not to sell until i fixed the brakes...  and the guy opted out once it was back in selling order...

there is one on ebay as of yesterday at 3k (reserve not met) - and on craigslist he's asking 3600 for it for a 96 w ABS and 13k miles.  is this the one with the extra rwhp?  anyway, would be interesting to see where that ends.  i'm considering selling mine on ebay - but not having done a vehicle sale there, am leary of the headaches.

on the other hand, if i don't sell it, it wouldn't kill me either.

Jeff - skip the ZG1000 - get a concours 14.  Soooooo worth it!!  get rid of the rest of your bikes and you'll be happy.  

as for bargaining - I didn't "have" to buy a bike as badly as the dealer "Had" to sell one!

fwiw - andy b

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> ~3 grand if you're lucky, likely
> closer to 2 grand, IMO. Sad but probably
> close to the truth. Is it a 95 or a 96?
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