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   I'm with Rob on this  - look for the cause instead of dealing with the symptom..Balance the carbs and wheels for a start. How smooth s the engine? It should be smoother than any other in line 4 you've rode..
   On the other hand it could be all those frost heaves in VT..you guys need to pay more taxes..
Pete  S
Finally got the puter back up and running- it coincidently crapped out within 2 days of my son being home..
 > While I'm thinking about it, does anyone have a decent solution for 
> mirror vibration? More than once I've wondered what that is slowly 
> gaining on me; can't tell if it's got a light bar on top, or just a roof
> rack until it's too close to matter. My mom would tell me to slow down 
> and then I don't have to worry, but the vibrations through the mirrors 
> are annoying from about 60 - 80 mph. I recall cutting some rubber 
> mounting plates from a thin mouse pad for use on my last bike. That 
> changed the speed at which the vibrations occurred, but didn't get rid 
> of them. Any ideas? ]
> I know there's an excellent product out there called sorbothane 
> <http://www.sorbothane.com/> , used to dampen vibrations in turntables 
> and other audio gear, but I've never worked with it. The mirrors on the
> Super III remain crystal clear at all speeds, but they're also a lot 
> smaller and tend to just give me a good view of my elbows. This mirror 
> issue may cause my insurance to go up...
> Drew in VT

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"You can heal the symptoms but not affect the cause. It's quite a bit like
trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze..."

My GPZ (sold in '03 :[  ) had the stock mirrors and bar ends and I don't
remember vibration such that I couldn't see a cop's "christmas tree"
behind me.  Smooooth comes to mind...

In other words, it sounds like something's up...  Worn or unbalanced
tires?  Suspension issues?  Wheel bearings?  "Engine issue?"

-Rob in rainy VT

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