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Tue Jul 14 17:18:59 PDT 2009

I agree, and need to get the bike up and check/tighten the head 
bearings.  You'd think that with all the rain we've had I'd have plenty 
of time to do this, but graduate school + a change in my teaching 
assignment + additional professional changes = no friggin time.  Summer 
vacation?  What's that?

There's definitely some wiggle from the front, but I clearly remember 
the mirrors on my old '95 doing exactly the same thing.  Seem to recall 
some moto mag reviewers also saying the same.  However, since you guys 
don't have this issie there must be a problem with my bike.

On the other hand, Sorbothane sent me several different sheets of stuff 
to play with as mirror mount plates.  This stuff is */very /*cool.

Taxes?  Hot damn, man we're taxed to death up here!

And pot hole jumping is a local sport.  A bit hard on the car's 
suspension, though.  Anything that gets scraped off couldn't have been 
/*too*/ important...

Computer, eh?  Couldn't possibly be porn or file sharing.  Kids never do 
any of that.  And those are always such clean, reliable sites.

Drew in VT

Anthony Staniforth wrote:
>    I'm with Rob on this  - look for the cause instead of dealing with the symptom..Balance the carbs and wheels for a start. How smooth s the engine? It should be smoother than any other in line 4 you've rode..
>    On the other hand it could be all those frost heaves in VT..you guys need to pay more taxes..
> Pete  S
> Finally got the puter back up and running- it coincidently crapped out within 2 days of my son being home..
> ---------------------------------------------------------
>  > While I'm thinking about it, does anyone have a decent solution for 
>> mirror vibration? More than once I've wondered what that is slowly 
>> gaining on me; can't tell if it's got a light bar on top, or just a roof
>> rack until it's too close to matter. My mom would tell me to slow down 
>> and then I don't have to worry, but the vibrations through the mirrors 
>> are annoying from about 60 - 80 mph. I recall cutting some rubber 
>> mounting plates from a thin mouse pad for use on my last bike. That 
>> changed the speed at which the vibrations occurred, but didn't get rid 
>> of them. Any ideas? ]
>> I know there's an excellent product out there called sorbothane 
>> <http://www.sorbothane.com/> , used to dampen vibrations in turntables 
>> and other audio gear, but I've never worked with it. The mirrors on the
>> Super III remain crystal clear at all speeds, but they're also a lot 
>> smaller and tend to just give me a good view of my elbows. This mirror 
>> issue may cause my insurance to go up...
>> Drew in VT
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> "You can heal the symptoms but not affect the cause. It's quite a bit like
> trying to heal a gunshot wound with gauze..."
> My GPZ (sold in '03 :[  ) had the stock mirrors and bar ends and I don't
> remember vibration such that I couldn't see a cop's "christmas tree"
> behind me.  Smooooth comes to mind...
> In other words, it sounds like something's up...  Worn or unbalanced
> tires?  Suspension issues?  Wheel bearings?  "Engine issue?"
> -Rob in rainy VT

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