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That sounds pretty much exactly how I did it on the old Connie. Very simple procedure, but I'm pretty darn sure the right lower will have to come off. No big deal though, just a few screws.

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The following is from someone's post of two years ago, describing the balancer adjustment procedure:

"It's a little tough to get at without removing the RH lower. Start the bike
and let it idle. Put a large blade screwdriver in the slot of the shaft and
TURN. Turn the shaft back and forth until you hear a chirping sound. Turn
the shaft in the opposite direction until the chirping noise just goes away,
then just a tiny bit more. Tighten the clamp and you are done. I took a
little white Dykem and marked the shaft where it lines up with the split in
the clamp. If the motor gets buzzy again, you can look and see if the
balancer adjustment has moved (or not) when diagnosing the problem."


Paul in Ohio

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> Alright then.  Is this procedure for adjusting the balancer outlined in the service manual?  I just ordered one to help fill out the bookcase of manuals in my garage.
> I can' say I've ever heard of such a thing, and I'm very curious about it.
> Drew in VT
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> art.robinson wrote:
>> Mine too. I even have a small bicycle mirror mounted on the left bar an
>> it's essentially vibration free too.
>> Must be something else!?
>> Art  in TO

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