Bike in bad shape - may be time to put the ol' girl down.

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Sun Jul 26 09:46:05 PDT 2009

>>Is cylinder #3 the one that has an oiling problem on the ZX-11 engine?

Our engines as well, but the oiling problem affects the rod bearing. Does 
not affect compression at all. Did the shop determine the cause of the low 
compression, rings or valves? I doubt very much it's rings. I suspect it's a 
bad valve. I had something similar happen to mine, actually lost a chunk out 
of the exhaust valve (I'm sure bouncing it off the rev limiter at track days 
didn't help!). You may want to consider pulling the head and having a valve 
job done. You may have to replace a couple valves but you'll be happy with 
the results and save yourself a lot of work parting out the bike.

Steve in Western NY
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Well, the shop just called - compression check #3 cylinder failed badly. 
If the engine is shot it may be time to put the ol' girl down.  If that 
happens, I am going to pay the shop for their work and put the bike out to 
pasture.  I want to sell it for parts, can most shops accomodate that?  They 
must have reals with the salvage people.

For all DC Area / Northern VA / Maryland GPZ owners:  This bike has a BRAND 
NEW chain and sprockets and BRAND NEW Metzeler ME-88 Marathon tires and a 
BRAND NEW ignition switch as well as lots of other extras including:  OEM 
Saddlebags/mounts, perfect unscratched front faring lowers, Corbin seat, 
custom bar risers from this list, Throttlemeister.  If the engine is shot 
I'm not going to be able to move the bike, if you want parts we'll have to 
go to the shop or arrange something.

Phil Hamm

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