Bike in bad shape - may be time to put the ol' girl down.

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Sun Jul 26 19:50:46 PDT 2009

The voice of sanity.  Why not pull the head and see what's going on before 
writing off the bike.

Paul in Ohio
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>>>Is cylinder #3 the one that has an oiling problem on the ZX-11 engine?
> Our engines as well, but the oiling problem affects the rod bearing. Does 
> not affect compression at all. Did the shop determine the cause of the low 
> compression, rings or valves? I doubt very much it's rings. I suspect it's 
> a bad valve. I had something similar happen to mine, actually lost a chunk 
> out of the exhaust valve (I'm sure bouncing it off the rev limiter at 
> track days didn't help!). You may want to consider pulling the head and 
> having a valve job done. You may have to replace a couple valves but 
> you'll be happy with the results and save yourself a lot of work parting 
> out the bike.
> Steve in Western NY
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