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Tue Jul 28 20:18:10 PDT 2009

Yes, tires!!  I liked the feel and turn in of the Pilot 
Roads, but was pretty bummed at how fast they squared.  In 
fairness, I was very heavily loaded, but they were also 
very expensive at near $400 mounted and balanced.

I'm currently running the new dual compound Dunlop 
Roadsmarts and like them.  Good turn in, great traction 
when leaned over and I can get them for $300 a set, 
mounted and balanced.  I've got a couple of thousand on 
them so far with no complaints.

Charles S.

>Ah, yes... the tire threads!
>I personally recommend the Michelin Pilot Road and/or 
>Pilot Power. I've run about 5 sets of Roads and love 
>them. Good grip hot or cold, wet or dry.
> Either would be years better than the OEM tires. (!!)
Alan Nicholls wrote:
> Hey, figured you fellas would know a good tire 

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