Ralph, Jerry and Randy's crazy ride report

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Hey Ralph! and Guys,

I am really glad to read your report.? Sounds very exciting, all in all.? I've taken some good long rides out here in CA, but running a gauntlet of thunderstorms was not one of the things I did.? Of course, rain isn't that big a deal when you're prepared for it, and I'll not say much more than how I perceive that getting out and donning raingear repeatedly must be a pain in the arse.? I can't see wearing it all the time either.? Your description of riding the "Dragon" is reminiscent of several runs we have out here, like Angeles Crest Highway, Palomar Mountain, Cero Noreste, Route 33 up to Ajai, to just name a few.? The common thread is that you don't ride beyond your skill set, and that is that.? Those guys who're zipping by you, must do that run very frequently, to be so fast on it.? Same out here.? Myself, I ride plenty fast, but I like to go home in one piece as well.?I've crashed enough times to be more cautious and still have?my fun enough.?Have big fun man.? I wish I were riding along, and in a way, your skillful?prose has let me do just that.

Hasta luego!

Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA high miler, planning my own summer run up the coast to San Francisco and points further north this year.

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So we did the Cherohala yesterday with Mike, Maria and his friend Bill, but it 
was rapidly turning dark and was decidedly no fun. I'd say about half of it was 
in pitch black. Not easy! Slow going and lots of pucker factor! then we grabbed 
rooms in the Microtel in Robbinsville, and called it a night. Today we headed 
out in two groups as Bill and I decided to get a later start. we met up with 
everyone else about 10:30 at the dragon, and they had already run it. I removed 
my tail bag, my saddle bags and my backpack. Not knowing what to expect , I 
asked Mike to lead me through, he said no problem and he and I took off. Mike 
was whipping through and quickly left me behind. I was going slow as hell,  as 
this thing had me spooked from all the tales of death and destruction I've 
heard. I saw plenty of skid marks going off into the trees and over the edge of 
the sheer drop offs. Just then some guy buzzed past me without warning. (Luckily 
I had spare underwear with me!) I met Mike at the top and took some pictures. I 
told him it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be from all the stories I've 
heard. he headed back down , following two leather clad locals, and quickly left 
me behind. What can say? I'm slow and cautious! I arrived at the dragon cafe 
place again, we all ate lunch and bought T-Shirts and assorted other junk then 
said our goodbyes to Mike, Maria and Bill, and headed out on 28. The GPS was 
leading and that was a big mistake. I had the road atlas on the GPZ yet . I wish 
I had taken it. I ended up God knows where. 19, 40,11 and who knows what else 
filled our afternoon from 1PM on. we finally got on 81 somewhere around 5:30. Oh 
yeah did I mention the thunderstorms?  Well, they were chasing the three of us 
all day. Pouring rain with lightning and thunder. In between 85 degree blasts of 
heat. Finally we got the hell out of Tennessee and hit Virginia. Then stopped 
for dinner about 100 miles south of Roanoke. After that we gassed up again and 
headed north under threatening skies on 81 again. O
f course it rained again on 
us, with lightning coloring the skies like pyrotechnics, but not that bad this 
time. we decided to make another 40 miles past Roanoke and pulled off for the 
night at Lexington, Va. We grabbed a room at a Holiday Inn express, and here I 
sit telling you all about it at midnight. We'll all be home tomorrow.

Ralph L. Angelo Jr.
Author of "Help! They're all out to get me!
The Motorcyclists guide to surviving the everyday world!
ISBN# 1-4137-6187-9

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