Ralph, Jerry and Randy's crazy ride report

schnowz schnowz at att.net
Thu Jun 4 17:31:19 PDT 2009

    I took both on my last trip and I'm glad I did - the GPS maps do not 
have enough definition with town name and route numbers when zoomed out and 
if you don't vaguely know the area it's a PIA to be zooming in and out and 
panning around, That said you can find some really good backroads with the 
GPS that you could never do with a map. As memory becomes cheaper hopefully 
the GPS maps will improve the definition.
   So what did you think of the Dragon Ralph? I think it's a little overated 
and am wary of some some squid shooting over the line coming in the opposite 

Pete S

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> From: "dominatr37" <dominatr37 at optonline.net>
> The GPS was leading and that was a big mistake. I had the road atlas on 
> the
> GPZ yet . I wish I had taken it. I ended up God knows where. 19, 40,11 and
> who knows what else filled our afternoon from 1PM on. we finally got on 81
> somewhere around 5:30.

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