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Sorry, I meant to say, "like Ped said". Sorry Ped....and Charles.

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Yep, I had the same issue with mine. Right around 40-45 mph, if I let go of the bars, it would wobble a lot. Just one hand on the bars, though, would stop it. And I didn't really feel it if I had hold of the bars. Weird. All I did was tighten the upper nut like Charles said and the problem was solved. It took about 3 tries to get it just right though, so don't give up after one try. I'm pretty confident that's your problem.

2.  I've noticed a very slight head shake at lower speeds.  Barely perceptible.   Keeping one finger on the bars is enough to quell it, but taking my hands off around 35 - 35 immediately produces significant wagging.  This /*may*/ have happened on my '95 as well, but I don't remember clearly (hit on the head too many times).  Is this a sign of head bearing or tire balance issues (or maybe alignment)?  Everything seems tight.  Running to higher speeds and taking my hands off the bars shows no problem until speed drops to 45 m.p.h.  This does not happen with any of my other bikes (the Super III or the wife's Shadow 500).

Drew in VT

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