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scapco at ecentral.com scapco at ecentral.com
Mon Jun 15 08:58:03 PDT 2009

I'll second Steve's comments on the Sportmax tires.  I 
really like riding on them but use mine for local canyon 
carving due to the shorter life.  I put my other rims with 
new Dunlop Roadsmarts on last weekend and did about 240 
miles on them yesterday.  So far I like them, turn in is 
good although a little slower than the Sportmax's.  The 
side grip felt good as well.  We'll see how well they work 
on the Durango trip next week.

BTW, anyine coming to Durango, make sure to bring your rain 
gear.  It's been an unusually wet May/June so far, but it 
looks like it's finally starting to dry out a little.

Charles S.

>I ran two sets of the Dunlop SportMax Qualifiers of my 
>955i Daytona and they were awesome handling tires. Great 
>grip at track days but I wouldn't expect too much mileage 
>from them, they are very soft. 3 to 3.5k is all I would 
> Steve

>3.  Previous owner installed Dunlop Sport Max tires, which 
>have about 600 miles on them.  I've never run these tires, 
>but I like what they're doing so far.  Anyone else run 
>these?  Any idea what kind of mileage I can expect?  I 
>normally run Michelin RoadSmarts on the Triumph, ran Avon 
>Azarros on my '95 and like the mileage/handling combo in 
>both applications.

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