fuel filter

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at gmavt.net
Wed Jun 17 18:30:56 PDT 2009

I've seen many references to installing a fuel filter (Ped advised it's 
a "must do") but I assume this means cutting a fuel line and installing 
an inline filter, since the only filter I know of is a screen at the 
bottom of the tank.  I need details on how/what to do.  Pictures would 
be very helpful.

"New blue" (or "Barry," as my wife calls it) ran great the 400 miles 
from Philly, but ran rough as soon as I stared it this morning to ride 
to work. Almost sounded like a plug was fouling.  Made it very difficult 
to leave cleanly from a stop (stalled 3x at a stop sign on a hill).   
Was a bit better on the ride home (also a lot warmer).

I know the service manager at the local Kawi dealer, who suggested using 
a high quality fuel cleaner before doing anything else, and though the 
long ride likely stirred up some sediment in the tank, plugging one of 
the pilot jets.

So,I need to install a filter.  I searched my old email but apparently 
didn't keep any messages describing how best to do this.

Drew in VT

P.S.  Glad to hear you're OK, Bill.  I almost kicked a car on the way 
back from Philly because the driver, yakking on a cell phone, wandered 
across the lane and came dangerously close.  She didn't even acknowledge 
she almost got me.

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