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I have copied a few clips from old e-mail on subject I had in my collection.
I purchased the Russell inline fuel filter from my local dealer.  They had
to bring it in for me, but they had access to it.. 

See Russell Fuel Filter  <http://www.russellperformance.com>
www.russellperformance.com for the "Street Fuel Filter".   I paid $20 for
mine, I know there are cheaper plastic, but I liked the look of the

The fuel tap is a 10 mm tap, which according to my conversion program
corresponds to 0,3937 inches, so I guess 3/8" (0,375 inches) is what comes
closest. There are not many (small) fuel filters with that size of fitting
around. The only one I could find is was sold on a HD accessories stand on a
market. It's partly hidden below the carbs though and looks quite descrete.

'96 "Black Stealth" GPz

5/16"; Purolator F10024, all metal worked for me.

Bill in Yardley, PA

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net

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I've seen many references to installing a fuel filter (Ped advised it's a
"must do") but I assume this means cutting a fuel line and installing an
inline filter, since the only filter I know of is a screen at the bottom of
the tank.  I need details on how/what to do.  Pictures would be very

"New blue" (or "Barry," as my wife calls it) ran great the 400 miles from
Philly, but ran rough as soon as I stared it this morning to ride to work.
Almost sounded like a plug was fouling.  Made it very difficult
to leave cleanly from a stop (stalled 3x at a stop sign on a hill).  
Was a bit better on the ride home (also a lot warmer).

I know the service manager at the local Kawi dealer, who suggested using a
high quality fuel cleaner before doing anything else, and though the long
ride likely stirred up some sediment in the tank, plugging one of the pilot

So,I need to install a filter.  I searched my old email but apparently
didn't keep any messages describing how best to do this.

Drew in VT

P.S.  Glad to hear you're OK, Bill.  I almost kicked a car on the way back
from Philly because the driver, yakking on a cell phone, wandered across the
lane and came dangerously close.  She didn't even acknowledge she almost got

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