Any hints? Battery in Maglite went rampant

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Sun Jun 21 12:32:26 PDT 2009

Hello Alex:

I had much the same problem with a laser level.

Over here there is a device for cleaning car battery terminals and it
has a circular wire brush on one end, which I used to clean out the
inside of the battery chamber. This still left the front contact and for
that I used a piece of emery paper glued onto the butt end of a drill
bit and rotated it with my electric drill. The whole thing is functional

Good luck!

Art in TO

PS. How is the Princess?

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What make of cells are you using?  I know Energizer & Duracell have 
guarantees on their cells.  If their cells let go and damage your 
electrical/electronic device they will replace/repair it.  There is a
chance that other well known brands (Panasonic, Ray-O-Vac etc.) have
Energizer had my Eagle sonar repaired and replaced a Maglite (2 AA
Don't toss the cells, as  they won't cover the guarantee without them.
If you have tossed them or they are some noname brand do as Charles
with the baking soda and water. If you're getting bored waiting for that
work put a little vinegar in --or not.  You can also use sodium
cleaning solutions mixed with water--409, Fantastic.
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>I was wondering why the mag lite with the new LED was so dim and I
> open it I opened it with the right tools and found that
> battery hat lost it, lucky enough the bottom one (of three).
> It would not go out so I ended up drilling a hole in the battery,
> a
> screw in it and extracted it by getting a hold on the screw..but the
> lite's tube is full of residue now.
> Any magic tricks on how to get the debris out of the mag lite?
> cheers
> Alex

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