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Steve  made it here with his GPZ and his KLR650 about 4:30 so
> we'll be  heading out tomorrow morning around 8:00 
          I was planning on  meeting up with you guys on saturday, but 3 of 
the 4 of our spring races were  rained out, and they voted for a make up 
race this weekend, so I guess I am not  going to make it.  I am leading my 
points series by only 12 points so I  cant afford to miss the race.
       But if you are still doing Trailridge  on Monday I might meet up 
with you for that.
       I will be running my GPZ on sunday, I  ran it last weekend too, made 
it to the semi finals before I broke out, with all  these back to back 
races its nice to run the Geeper every once in a while to  save on gas money.
     Mike in Colo  
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