I sold my GPZ last year..miss it..any for sale?

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Mon Mar 2 13:37:45 PST 2009

> 74 in Denver today!!  (Sorry to you guys in the Northeast.)
> I wonder if Mason is still sunning in Costa Rica?
> Charles S.

Nope--Mason is back, sun tanned, sand in my shoes, 1/2 a gallon of excellent 
CR rum in my bag, plus bug  and monkey bit.
It wasn't until we were in the taxi boat heading across Golfo Dulce for 
Zancudo, that I found out Zancudo is Spanish for mosquito.  Went on a tour 
of an animal sanctuary.  A spider monkey stole my left shoe, I got it back 
then it snatched my glasses, got them back and then turned my back on the 
little bitch and she bit me on the left thigh.  Fortunately she bit through 
my pants, didn't rip the pants or split the skin but did leave me with a 
series of blood blisters about 3 cm  (1.5") long.
It is -19C (-1F) here today and a meter (3 feet) of snow in the yard.  Last 
week at this time it was 36C (97F) in the shade.


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