Cold start problem?

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Thu Mar 5 05:40:36 PST 2009

What's "cold" in Melbourne Oz?

I hear 47°C is considered warm.


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Hi Chris,

Not sure if this will help, but I've found that, particularly in cold
weather, the bike (mine, at least) starts fastest using this method:
Turn on ignition (no choke)
Crank engine until it catches (usually only one or two revs)
Use throttle to keep revs up (slightly), while turning choke to about
Release throttle - engine will keep running nicely, with a slight
increase in revs as it warms.  Adjust choke down until no longer

I only discovered this method after about 3 years of ownership, but it
works every time for me, even at or below freezing.  Prior to my
"discovery" I had the same issue as yourself.

'95 GPz1100 - Big blue rhinoceros.
Melbourne, Australia
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> I have a 95 gpz 1100, low miles and runs very well ,i`ve noticed when
> about 45 degrees f  it has to crank over quite a bit before it even
thinks of 
> firing , even when fully choked . a friend of mine that had a ltd 1000
> that it was common with his also,once it finds about three or four 
> cylinders it starts and warms up a couple minutes  it runs fine   ,my
> is is` jetted for warmer weather   at about 55 and up it starts
> with the choke fully on that is      i try not to ride it on days that
> anyway ,but sometimes you gotta an man i hate cranking on a starter
> that                 thanks  chris

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