Cold start problem?

Jens Libak Pedersen pedmail at
Thu Mar 5 06:08:08 PST 2009


	Hi Chris, 

	Have you tried to set the petcock to the 'prime' position for a few
seconds and then back to 'on' before cranking the engine? My
experience is that it may be kind of hard to start unless the carb
bowls are full. The float level will always decrease a bit over time
or if it is left hot on a hot day. 

	I would also recommend trying Simons procedure, i.e. no choke,
throttle idle, crank, be quick to apply choke when it fires. 

	If none of this works I would turn my attention to the electrical
system, i.e. is the battery fully charged and in good health or
replace the spark plug leads. Our bike are quite old by now and
resistance in the leads may be too big. I know a German guy who had
his replaced due to starting problems and he claims he got like a new

 '96 "Black Stealth" GPZ
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 On Thu 5/03/09 06:03 , chris marquis marquis1968 at sent:
  I have a 95 gpz 1100, low miles and runs very well ,i`ve noticed
when it about 45 degrees f  it has to crank over quite a bit before it
even thinks of firing , even when fully choked . a friend of mine that
had a ltd 1000 says that it was common with his also,once it finds
about three or four cylinders it starts and warms up a couple minutes 
it runs fine   ,my thought is is` jetted for warmer weather   at about
55 and up it starts great        with the choke fully on that is     
i try not to ride it on days that cold anyway ,but sometimes you gotta
an man i hate cranking on a starter like that                 thanks 

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