Cold start problem?

William K. Denton wkdenton at
Thu Mar 5 10:28:40 PST 2009

   Hi Chris,
   Try  running  the fuel tap on "prime" for ~30 seconds before the first
   starting attempt. My guess is that if it's 45 deg F outside it is probably
   an "off-season' ride and may not have run for a while. Consequently, some
   fuel may have evaporated from the float bowls in the interim.
   Bill in Yardley, PA
   wkdenton at
   Mar 5, 2009 12:03:19 AM, marquis1968 at wrote:
   I have a 95 gpz 1100, low miles and runs very well ,i`ve noticed when it
   about 45 degrees f it has to crank over quite a bit before it even thinks of
   firing , even when fully choked . a friend of mine that had a ltd 1000 says
   that it was common with his also,once it finds about three or four cylinders
   it starts and warms up a couple minutes it runs fine ,my thought is is`
   jetted for warmer weather at about 55 and up it starts great with the choke
   fully  on  that  is i try not to ride it on days that cold anyway ,but
   sometimes you gotta an man i hate cranking on a starter like that thanks

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