Starter Relay

Alexander Finger af at
Sun Mar 15 11:47:16 PDT 2009

8.5°C and I wanted to take the bike for a ride. Pulled her out of the
garage, turned the key and flipped the starter. Hui.krkrkrkrkrkrkrkr. Sparks
on the side, some smoke.  Duh. From now on the starter switch produced a bet.

First time use for the factory manual beyond telling me how to change the
oil. I pushed her back into the garage and removed the fairings - the manual
is pretty cool, even a non-mech find his way. I flipped the starter again
very briefly and indeed, the Starter Relay made the krkrkrk.

Anyways, looks as if I'll make the dealer happy. Now - what means Starter
Relay in French...and.. is offline?

In the end - no ride today, but I spent an hour with the lady in the garage


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