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Christian Hutter c_hutter at
Sun Mar 15 19:58:58 PDT 2009


   It's been a while since I last replaced my GPZ's fork seals but, on other bikes I've used some long 3/8" extensions and a spark plug socket inverted so the bolt shaped portion is facing outwards.  I've also read about people using a wooden dowel and wedging it in the internal bolt.  If you have air tools or a power driver, try spinning the allen head quickly and it may loosen up instead of spinning the internals.  Lastly, this is my first post in a long, long time so to all that remember me, yes I'm alive and yes, I still have my GPZ but don't get to ride it much these days.


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> Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 13:15:19 -0400
> From: Bob Nelson <majordad at>
> Subject: fork seals

> Ok, who has changed their front fork seals without the "special tool" to 
> hold the internal cylinder from turning while you remove the bottom 
> allen head bolt. On my Sabre we can remove the similar bolt while the 
> springs are still inside, but when I try that with the GPZ fork, the 
> unit just turns. Any suggestions since I already have my front end apart?
> Bob Nelson

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