anyone know which fuse controls the horn?

Simon White swhite at
Wed Mar 18 15:35:04 PDT 2009

Hi Jeff,

I'd be checking the horn itself before the wiring/fuse.  I've had two horns fail in the time I've had the bike - one would work intermittently for a while before it packed it in, the other gave up with no warning.  I believe it's the exposed position of the horn, and the fact that these standard little horns are cheaply constructed, that leads to them failing.

Try taking the horn off (the connectors will just pull off) and connecting it (carefully) directly across a battery*.  If it works consistently then it's time to look elsewhere.  Definitely don't cut any wires, though - that will just lead to corrosion in them and more problems.

Electricity's fairly easy to deal with - just observe basic safety precautions and never assume a wire isn't live.

*You may be able to connect it up to your car horn - just depends on how it's set up.

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> Subject: anyone know which fuse controls the horn?
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> My horn stopped working and I need to get the bike inspected this
> month (assuming I can get the forks sorted out... they've been sitting
> since October because they pissed me off so much... plus the fact that
> our street has been iced over until 3 weeks ago).
> What do I check first? It doesn't look like I can unplug the wires at
> the horn (and test them on a lightbulb or something). Should I cut the
> wires and try that? Or should I try to find a fuse first?
> Any help would be appreciated.
> P.S. I'm a total moron when it comes to electricity. Perhaps it has
> something to do with my playing with cut-off extension cords when I
> was a kid. I can still smell my eyebrows smoking.
> --
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100

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