how bad is it

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Much too loud for a spit shim. Sounds like a rod knock (spun rod bearing) to 
me. Take a rod of some sort, wood or metal (I use a big long screwdriver 
that the shaft goes all the way through the handle), press it against the 
outside of your ear, closing your ear and place the other end against 
different places on the motor (valve cover, crankcase, etc.). You'll be able 
to locate where the noise is coming from by where it's the loudest. If that 
clunking is coming from the crankcase, chances are #3 rod bearing has spun.

Steve in Western NY
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I think it's just a valve making all that noise. I know trouble shooting is 
not easy by watching a 13 second video clip.
I was on the way home from a Ducati/BMW demo ride , cruising along with 
traffic on the hiway when the engine noise became louder than the exhaust. I 
got off at the next exit and decided it would be best to trailer home. lucky 
for me I was with a friend and got a ride home on his K1200S. I haven't rode 
passenger since 1980.
I'm having a friend take a look some time this week but would appreciate any 
thanks much Jersey Bill M

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