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I did not notice the oil light while riding. when I got to the end of the off ramp it stalled and the light came on but it should. it stalled as I slowed down to turn into the parking lot and again when I stopped in the lot. if it is a spun bearing what was a possible cause and could it be prevented. and worse since I don't really have space and have never tackled a job like this , how much would a repair be. a good estimate ?
thanks bill m
> One more question, did the oil light come on? Typically when you 
> spin a bearing, your oil pressure pretty much goes to zero.
> Steve in Western NY
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> I think it's just a valve making all that noise. I know trouble 
> shooting is not easy by watching a 13 second video clip.
> I was on the way home from a Ducati/BMW demo ride , cruising along 
> with traffic on the hiway when the engine noise became louder than 
> the exhaust. I got off at the next exit and decided it would be 
> best to trailer home. lucky for me I was with a friend and got a 
> ride home on his K1200S. I haven't rode passenger since 1980.
> I'm having a friend take a look some time this week but would 
> appreciate any opinions
> thanks much Jersey Bill M
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