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I had a couple of friends that had Wankel powered equipment.  Greg Laska had 
a Mazda pickup that would go like a scalded cat and suck down fuel like a 
Baldwin Locomotive.  While he was diamond drilling in northern Quebec his 
sister ran the truck through the hamlet of Deacon a 40 mph zone at 115 mph. 
The cops couldn't catch her but did manage to get the licence #.  He came 
out of the bush to a dangerous driving charge (21 mph over the limit) a 
crimminal offence in Ontario.  Fortunately he was able to prove he was a 2 
hour plane ride north of Chibougamou on the date in question and had no idea 
who might have been driving his truck.
The other was Pete Dubeau who had an Evinrude wankel powered snow machine. 
He like to come down Georgian Bay at night with the hood off.  He didn't 
need a light as the exhaust system glowed cherry red.  It too was hard on 
fuel --about 6 miles to the imperial gallon (160 ounces).
There's still a 4' drift of snow in front of the bike storage garage and 
over a foot of snow on the driveway.  Be next week before I can get the 
bikes out.

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>     Interesting, though the claim of 3 moving parts is a exaggeration. I 
> see 2 caps 4 pistons and 4 balls.
> The hardest part of any new idea is the implementation.
>    I remember Mazda had mucho problems witht the seals on there rotary 
> engines initially, and this looks like it would be more difficult - 
> especially as it wears. With a conventional engine the rings can expand to 
> accommodate some of the wear.
>   Still nothing ventured  -  nothing gained..
>      Pete S

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