selling as is, or parting off the upgrades?

andy burkard andyburkard at
Tue Mar 31 11:39:44 PDT 2009

that is the question.  after owning the GPZ for 10 years, i'm finally at the point of parting ways with it.  I'm thinking the time may be right to "help the economy" and getting the new connie...

so, the question now is to figure out whether i put it back to stock and ebay the parts, or try to sell as is, and then of course, for how much.

i've not been following the auctions or anything too closely but figured, if sold stock, at best i'd see $2995, which i'd be ok with, and with goodies, i'd want something closer to $3500, which I'm sure i'd have a hard time getting.

so, any demand for any of the following parts?
1. Corbin seat - custom fit for 5'10" rider, 32" inseam.
2. LSL with ZRX bar conversion
3. Genmar risers
4. Jardine 4-1 exhaust
5. Factory jet kit (stage 1)
6. Givi E36 bags with Euro style mounts
7. Givi tall screen
8. mirror extenders

aside from above, upgrades that would stay on the bike
1. speed bleeders all around
2. fiamm freeway blaster horns 
3. grip warmers
4. race tech front springs and gold valves
5. 47 tooth rear sprocket
6. LED indicator bulbs
7. stainless steel (black) bolt / screw kit

in addition, the various parts i've collected which i'd not have a need for are:
1. used OEM rear shock
2. used 94 ZX9 rear shock
3. 3 side/rear plastic panels (2 left and 1 right, or the other way around, can't recall, but for whatever reason, i collected 3 of them)
4. 2 wind screens.  depending on what i do with the bike, could be 1 clear stock, 1 black stock, 1 givi tall black.  the blacks were painted black on the inside
5. mirrors

bike has 46k miles on it and has been well maintained.  only downed once by previous owner in a parking lot tip over, and i only hit 1 turkey which damn near took me off the bike...

any thoughts?
andy b

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