selling as is, or parting off the upgrades?

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Tue Mar 31 14:31:18 PDT 2009

If you could get three grand for it, I'd do it. But I seriously doubt
you will. I've had my 2003 ZZR1200 listed at about $4K for 5 months
and have had nary a nibble.

If you decide to part it out, get friendly with your UPS driver and
get a scale/tape/packing material, etc. You MIGHT eventually make more
money than you would by selling it outright, but it'll take months or
years, if ever. Personally I'd rather have the room in my garage and
not have to deal with the hassle of shipping, etc. You should be able
to sell the upgrades here or on ebay for reasonably good prices, but
remember that this bike is ~14 years old or so and it was only sold
here for 2 years... so we, the elite, are few in number. At this point
I'd be happy with a $2K trade-in on the bike but that's just because I
can't get the forks working properly and I have no time or energy to
try again. In any case, if the bike were in really stellar, low-miles
condition you might get close to 3K for it but don't hold your breath,
IMO. You might make a deal on the Connie and then see what the
dealership will give you in trade-in value. If it's anywhere close to
KBB trade-in value I'd jump on it, personally.

YMMV, etc.

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> any thoughts?
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