selling as is, or parting off

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Tue Mar 31 16:42:17 PDT 2009

Sorry, I /signed/ up for the list.  Very sleep deprived here in Vermont.


Drew Blanchard wrote:
> Greetings!
> I singed up for the GpZList about 8 months ago, more out of nostalgia 
> than anything.  I used to own a '95 GpZ (red, of course, because they 
> go faster) and loved that bike more than any other before or since.  I 
> put more than 13,000 miles on it in my second year of ownership, which 
> is saying something when the riding season is only 7 months long in 
> northern NY.  Sadly, in '99 the GpZ and I parted company on a 
> decreasing radius curve and a fresh patch of asphalt.  The bike went 
> into a ravine, I went into a tree.  Broke a number of bones and wadded 
> the bike into a ball.
> Fast forward many years and once again I yearn for my old GpZ.  This 
> is despite the fact I currently own the bike of my dreams: a '95 
> Triumph Super III (one of only 250 verified units ever imported and 
> beeeeeeauuutiful).  My problem is this:  I love to /look/ at the 
> Triumph, but I loved to /ride/ the GpZ.  So I've begun looking, 
> knowing I can't afford to keep two bikes (well, /three/, if you count 
> my wife's Shadow).  I've been amazed to discover the GpZ's are even 
> more rare (sale-wise, that is) than my Triumph.  I  realize some of 
> this is the nature of collector's items, and the Super III's often 
> change hands and go into collections; but people seem to hold on to 
> their GpZ's for dear life.
> Andy, I'd love to give you what you're asking for the GpZ, but the 
> economics simply aren't there.  It' a crappy market.  My Triumph has 
> been a labor of love (more than $1800 and 100 hours invested in the 
> last year, all fully documented) and I know there's no way I can get 
> what it's really worth.  But that hasn't stopped me from contacting 
> some people, just in case.  I'm just unwilling to sell the Triumph 
> without an equally prized toy to take its place.
> If you do decide to trade your bike and take the price hit, I could 
> probably find the money to give you more than a dealer would.  Unless 
> you'd like to work out some sort of deal with a Super III ...
> Drew
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