Intake and exhaust options

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Sat May 2 13:23:23 PDT 2009


I've had both a V&H SS2r and a Micron on my GPZ although I
now have a Muzzy.  I'm running a Dyno-Jet Stage one kit.

The V&H was raspy sounding and fit well, problem is no OEM
bags will work.  The Muzzy has better bottom end and will
barely fit oem bags but it signs off just a little sooner at
higher revs.  I preferred the Micron for better ride ability.

I think the Muzzy is the best of both though many don't like
the left side exit.  It follows the contour of the OEM left
side exhaust and hides the center stand much better plus it
had the grunt of the Micron and the top end of the V&H.  The
biggest down side is it's a little nosier than the other
two.  I think the Micron was the quietest.  FWIW, I had the
oval canister on all three.

Charles S. - Rain and snow in Denver for the fifth weekend
in a row  :-(

> I see Factory Pro has a "stage 3" jet kit for the GPZ, but
can find non listed for Dynojet. Anyone have any #'s for
stage 1 vs 3 with the GPZ, or any other considerations
when weighing 1 versus the other? How about exhausts? I am
kinda stuck between V&H SuperSport(best price, but no
dyno)and Micron(decent price,decent dyno #s). Anyone have a
dyno sheet for a V&H Supersport equipped GPZ?Thanks for the
input so far!

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