Intake and exhaust options

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Sat May 2 16:01:26 PDT 2009

Part # Dynojet stage 1:




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> Date: Sat, 2 May 2009 12:28:58 -0700
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> Subject: Intake and exhaust options
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> I see Factory Pro has a "stage 3" jet kit for the GPZ, but can find noe listed for Dynojet. Anyone have any #'s for stage 1 vs 3 with the GPZ, or any other considerations when weighing 1 versus the other? How about exhausts? I am kinda stuck between V&H SuperSport(best price, but no dyno)and Micron(decent price,decent dyno #s). Anyone have a dyno sheet for a V&H Supersport equipped GPZ?Thanks for the input so far!

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