Jerry Clair darkclarity2k at yahoo.com
Sat May 2 19:35:26 PDT 2009

Regardless of Mr Steve's orientation ... It really doesn't matter: it's a matter of personal taste. Orientated is currently preferred use in general British use. Oriented is prevalent  in technical use, and in the US.
 What happened to your 955i  Steve? LOL
orientated: verb (used without object), -tat⋅ed, -tat⋅ing. to orient. past tense

Try teaching English to "Orientals"? OMG! Don't get unorganized teaching English in China because, then you would actually disorganized. Chinese are often have learnt or learned [another brit thing] from the Britons
My bloody head hurts, now.

Steve Northrop <blackgpz at rochester.rr.com>

......parts are orientated.....

Orientated is not a word, just like irregardless (pet peeve).


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