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Wed May 6 18:21:28 PDT 2009

Humor me cause I'm old

My sister is a volenteer for the Red Cross in Toronto.

They were given a journal that had been found it the effects of a Canadian 
Flight Lieutenant Jones from WW II by his family, who realized it wasn't 
THe journal had been kept by a Brit one George Gidney, who had fought in 
North Africa and had been taken POW in Itally in '44.  Then taken to a 
Stalag in Poland.
With the invasion of the Russians the POWs were force marched across 
Germany.  THe Brit suffering from dissentery figured he wouldn't survive the 
trek gave the journal to the Canadian POW and asked him to give it to his 
THe Canadian wound up in London at wars end, but with the chaos could not 
locate the family so the journal came to Canada.
After a sizable amount of work they located the  daugther of George Gidney 
in GB who was flown to Canada and given her father's journal.


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