2009 Honda DN-01

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Wed May 6 16:10:39 PDT 2009

   I've owned three (3) 95 GPZ's. In between, I've owned an 87 ZX1000, a couple
   of GS1100's and who knows what else. Kept coming back to the GPZ. It is a
   great bike. Does everything well, though nothing really great. Just an
   all-around good bike.
   However, I sold my Orange Beast (my last GPZ was painted Tangelo Pearl) and
   purchased a 2003 ZX12R. It's actually a pretty comfortable bike. Roomy
   enough stock, and with lower pegs and Heli-Bars, should rival the GPZ for
   comfort. It does have a better seat, so hopefully my shorts will stay where
   they belong. As far as power goes, they aren't even in the same galaxy. But
   the GPZ definitely beats it in the mileage department. Was easily doing mid
   40's on the GPZ and will be doing mid 30's on the ZX12R. Oh well, must pay
   for that adrenaline rush somehow. Is another GPZ in my future? One never
   knows, but since I've done it three times already, I'm ready to keep moving
   Dave B
   Jeffrey Markham wrote:

I recently upgraded to a Honda Blackbird. I liked the GPZ and all, but really, 
there is no comparison. The Blackbird is an amazing bike. The best this is how 
much less it weighs; and all the weight is down low. I still have the GPZ in my
 garage, but I'm selling it. Two things I'll miss: the factory saddlebags and t
he good gas mileage.

 Jeffrey R Markham


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