Rickard Olsson richie at
Fri May 8 06:48:32 PDT 2009

Jonathon Jay wrote:
> Doing my best for a Mike Meyers...
> Hey, the online sprocket calculator still is kaputz, and I need to be ordering a set today or so.
Sorry, I haven't had time to troubleshoot that. :-(  It should work in 
Firefox, and probably most other browsers except MSIE...
> What effect does adding a few teeth to the rear do? Shift torque down in the rpm range, adding to the wheelie effect, or does adding teeth to the rear decrease hiway rpm?
17/45    74.21 mph @ 4500 rpm

16/45     69.83 mph @ 4500 rpm

16/47    66.86 mph @ 4500 rpm

16/50    62.86 mph @ 4500 rpm if anyone wants to check out the code 
and see what's wrong.

     / Richie

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