Tire question

Paul Heim SuprHtr at columbus.rr.com
Sun May 10 05:48:08 PDT 2009

A 180/55 will do better than 180/60 as far as maintaining the same gearing. 
I haven't noticed anyone complaining about how the 180 fits the stock GPz 
rim but Steve switched to a ZX-11D rear wheel to accommodate wider rubber. 
Other than increased choice of tires, why bother going up from the 170?

Paul in Ohio
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Interested in moving up to the 180, but find no mention anywhere on what 
width rim we have.

I remember a time on a car I went from a 245 to a 275, tires were too wide 
for the wheel and it balooned the sidewalls out and looked weird.

Anyone here run a 180? Does it look funny or is our rim wide enough for it?



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