Tire question

David Beard davidebeard at comcast.net
Sun May 10 05:54:51 PDT 2009

   I've run 180s on every GPZ I've owned. In fact, I've never purchased a new
   170! Never had a problem with clearance or with tire profile. In fact, I
   thought  the 180 improved handling. Others may say the 170 should turn
   quicker, etc,... but in my experience, the opposite is true. Lots of folks
   on the list are running 180 rears with no problem. Go for it, bro.
   Dave B
   Jonathon Jay wrote:

Interested in moving up to the 180, but find no mention anywhere on what width 
rim we have.

I remember a time on a car I went from a 245 to a 275, tires were too wide for 
the wheel and it balooned the sidewalls out and looked weird.

Anyone here run a 180? Does it look funny or is our rim wide enough for it?



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