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I believe that's a trick to hold the damper when disassembling/reassembling
the forks. The top of the damper has a female recess in it, and various
methods have been used to hold it. I didn't feel like removing the rear
axle/nut so I recently used Art Lischer's tip of buying a 1 1/16" craftsman
socket and a nylok nut (from home depot or the like) to fit it. The Nylok
nut that fits that socket will fit into the damper, and the regular
craftsman socket will slide down inside the fork tubes (don't get the impact
wrench compatible one; they're too thick). A couple of long 1/2" drive
extensions and some tinfoil to hold the nut in the socket and it worked like
a charm.

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> The one I was referring to is the one where someone borrowed their rear
> axle nut or something.

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