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andy burkard andyburkard at
Wed May 13 15:32:34 PDT 2009

I just so happened to re-jet (to stock) this weekend.

I was running the dynojet stage 1 kit with a jardine full exhaust system, and stock air box.

Settings were:
104 main jets
38 pilot jets (not included in the kit)
Clip in 2nd (from top) groove
1 shim above AND 1 shim below clip
Stock springs

Don't screw around with the pilot screws if it idled right before you put the kit in.  All the screws do is affect mixture up to about 1200 rpm or so.

If you are running pods, you'll have to play with the clip and shim settings.
Good luck.
Andy b

Jonathon Jay wrote: 
> I know someone out there has the ideal settings for the jet kit, please someone chime in.
> Perhaps we could get it on the websit, I know this comes up a few times every year.
> I recall someone saying floats in a certain clip position. I don't have any clip position other than one. What makes my carbs differeny, perhaps I'm not looking in the right spot.
> Regards- 
> J
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