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Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at
Fri May 15 06:05:30 PDT 2009

> regardless of DJ's expertise, our experience has been the DJ diaphragm springs are too light, letting the slides raise too quickly causing an off-idle and part-throttle stumble when opening the throttle. Replacing the DJ springs with the stock ones clears it up immediately. I have put DJ kits in other bikes as well and not had problems but they missed it a little with the GPZ kit.

This is one bit of advice I have taken to heart. I stuck the stock springs back in without a thought.

> Jonathon, you do not want any vertical play in the needle when it is in the slide. Put the white plastic retainer over the needle, hold it down with your finger and see if you can move the needle up and down. 

If I hold it in it tightens it up...Again, first timer here, but it seems acceptable. Once the slides go back in there is no movement. Just trying to do the best I can with the parts DJ supplied, 4 clips and 8 washers. Per their instructions, put the clip on groove 2 and stacked 2 washers on it.

> Shim as required to remove this play. Your mid-range fuel mixture is determined by the vertical position of the tapered needle in the needle jet. If it can move around vertically all over the place, so will the fuel metering.
> It's OK to block off the openings in the airbox left by the removal of the emission hoses. Don't forget there is a vacuum tap on the carbs that needs to be plugged as well.

Please describe said ports that will need plugs.

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