New guy here with 2 GPZs

scapco at scapco at
Sun May 17 10:20:24 PDT 2009

Hi Alan,

Welcome to the list.  Congratulations on your new toys.  I
remember Chris from the list, glad someone picked up his bike.

I'm sure you will get lots of advice on the carbs.  I'd take
a couple of steps before swapping too many parts.  Check the
petcock for dirt and clogs and put in an inline fuel filter
if there isn't one already installed.  If the petcocks leak
or need replaced, get a replacement from a late model
ZRX1200, it's an updated version.  Second I'd check the
ignitor box for a fault if it pukes over 3K rpm.  Mine was
bad early on and always missed at high rpm's, once replaced
it's been perfect.  That might be an easy to swap part to test.

The bikes are pretty bullet proof with just a couple of
known flaws.  The steering head bearings and swing arm
bearings were poorly greased from the factory and can
corrode unless properly packed with grease.  The rear brake
lever rides on a plain shaft and can stick unless taken off
once in a while and greased with some good waterproof
grease.  Also you have to remember to take the rag out of
the cam chain tunnel when doing the valves.  (Sorry Ralph, I
had to say it, LOL!).

Charles S.
Centennial, CO
95 GPZ1100

Hey guys, good to finally join the list!  I've been a
browser for a while, and I just
bought my 2nd GPZ!  

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