Today's bike woes

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Fri May 22 18:14:14 PDT 2009

Made the same mistake with the little wire on my old engine and wiring harness. Fried that wire almost the entire length of it. I finally wound up getting my hands on another complete harness. My wiring was completely screwed up anyway. I'd say take the plastic off and the seat off and trace that wire to see if you melted the coating on it. You'll probably have to unwrap the tape around the harness to see all of it. Good luck.

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I still haven't figured out how to get the brake bolts out, but since I got a new battery today, moved to something else.

A little background:

Bought my 96 new and rode it for 2 years, 5900 miles. Had one circumstance after another and the bike stayed in my Mom's outdoor garage for 10 years. Right before I put it there, removed the exhaust from the engine back and was stupid and did not store it well. No fogging oil, socks in the ports, nothing.

So it's been sitting for 10 years under cover with exposed engine. I'm a little worried the engine rusted and siezed up. But it was full on oil.

Today I change oil and put battery in, wanting to just spin it to build some oil pressure. connected positive and negative cables, along with the little wire that goes on one of the posts. I thought it was the positive, but that wire started smoking a lot reakl quick. Pulled the wires off fast.

Decided to try it without that little wire. The big wires got a little warm in a hurry, but it did spin the starter for maybe a second.

Then nothing.

I have checked all the fuses in the panel and also the 30 amp main fuse, all good. Now when I turn the key on I get no starter, horn, nothing.

I'm wondering if my starter burned up due to a siezed bottom end?

But I would be getting power to the horn...

I am certainly no electrical diagnoser. Any ideas what this could be and where to look? Maybe time to call a pro in?

How pricey is this gonna be I wonder?

Thoughts more than welcome.



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