how do we post pics via micapeak?

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Fri May 22 18:28:10 PDT 2009

I've posted pics on Photobucket and put the link to the site in an email, as John suggested doing. Works just find, but you have to open an account with photobucket, or some other picture hosting site. It's the simplest thing to do I think.

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I believe he asked how to do this.  I would also like to know.  I was going 
to write a trip report to the Cabot Head Light Station and wanted to include 
pictures.  I would try to figure out how to post the pictures and give an 
address where they can be viewed but:
1.  I'm too busy at the moment with 4 properties to maintain after the 
2. I'd probably fuck it up
3. I'm too lazy

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> You can't post photos directly but you could upload them to a photo 
> sharing
> site and post the url on the list.
> John
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> hey all,
> i wanted to share a few pics of remaining stuff i have available to part
> with, but seem to lack the skills for proper posting.
> any help would be appreciated.
> andy b

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